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16 December 2012


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Jonathan Birch

After reading this review, my first thought was to check whether Heller has any association with Knopf or Penguin (the publishers Rushdie slams in the book), and indeed her first novel was published by the former and her next two by imprints of the latter.

Mohan Matthen

Thanks for the link to Pankaj Misra's review. Heller vs Misra: personal attack vs informed and thoughtful reflection on the issues (including personal issues).

Christy Mag Uidhir

Perhaps in her haste to laud the Thatcherite government for protecting the free speech of its citizenry (even ones they did not like), Heller forgot about the media broadcast ban of representatives from Republican and Loyalist organizations that good ol' Mags signed into law in 1988 as well as the myriad other ways in which Thatcherite England "protected" the rights of its Northern Irish citizenry (e.g., diplock courts, internment, supergrass informants, 7-day pre-charge detention, etc.).

Mohan Matthen

It's funny isn't it? A hint of criticism of home and country, and some Brits will go into their little chant: Whatever you might say about us, we are better than you. Dominus sit nobiscum. 

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