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25 December 2011


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Mandel Cabrera

Seconded. I'm sounding a note that I've sounded in comments here before, but the resurgence of interest in the philosophical significance of secularity - including seriously grappling with Max Weber's notion of disenchantment - seems to me in large part due to the recent work of Charles Taylor. I don't think, for example, that the work of Sean Kelly and Hubert Dreyfus (say what you will about it) would have been possible without Taylor's. There's been a great deal of worthwhile discussion of his "A Secular Age" which seems to fit the bill. A lot of this discussion - in print and on blogs like "The Immanent Frame" - has been vigorously cross-disciplinary, which is to my mind another virtue of the Taylor's appeal...

Eric Schliesser

Mandel, I think that the resurgence, of there is one, has more to do with phenomena like 9/11, the political strength of the Religious Right Stateside, the significance of religion in most polities, and within the academy the strength of analytic theology, etc, But this is not to deny that Taylor is an important figure in intellectual discussion of secularity.
Weber's significance runs deeper because he is so crucial background figure to Habermas and Foucault, and he is indespensible guide to help think about the contemporary political issues.

Erik Curiel

Eric, what is the "[sic!]" in your original post supposed to connote or suggest? Perhaps it is something to do with Weber's views? (I'm sorry to say that I don't know Weber well at all.)

Eric Schliesser

Sorry, Curiel, just minor world-play: revelation is is at issue.

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