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28 September 2011


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Christopher R.

Man, talk about a teaser...that stuff at the end sure is intriguing.

Evgeni V. Pavlov

It has been brought to my attention that someone was trying to post a comment under my name here. I know you are reading this, dear joker, because why else would you try to pull a stunt like that so here comes: I don't appreciate it. Posting under pseudonyms is fine with me, but posting under someone's name is not just uncool, it is probably illegal. I hope you find this hilarious, but this is really not acceptable. Since you clearly know my email, I would appreciate that you come forward and be a man.


Greetings John,

That was an excellent and very informative interview about the state of the divide in the US, at least, as well as about how to be an accomplished professor and scholar in that setting. I'll be looking into Paul Livingstone's work. By the way, I came upon your essay on "Love" in Derrida-Deleuze. Great piece. I didn't realize you had contact with Arkady Plonitsky.

Very best,
Norman Madarasz
Catholic University of Porto Alegre (PUCRS)

John Protevi

Thanks, Norman, it was great to see you in Porto Alegre, and I hope we'll cross paths again. I'm glad you liked the interview and the "Love" piece. And yes, I've known Arkady for quite a few years now; he was at the "Between Deleuze and Foucault" conference in Purdue just last week:

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